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Finest of Friends -

James McLay is a full-time psychiatric nurse and part-time singer; the core members of this band are full-time doctors, talented musicians in their own right, all eager to work together to create the best possible sound.  They have overcome time restraints, and the “tranny of distance”, to record a well mixed and mastered album.  The result is 13 honest songs which weave a rich fabric as they cross multiple genres.

James is a natural tunesmith and sophisticated lyricist with a talent for storytelling. The songs on this album project astute observation and insight, witty humour, evocative imagery and vibrant energy. They speak of a life lived to the full and an ability to communicate that experience in song. James’ songs are life affirming even when dealing with tales of betrayal and loss.

Falling in love was my first song,” says James, “I think I was 15 when I wrote it. So it was great to finally record it in it's original acoustic intent.  So Long is a tribute to my best friend, Rob Disspain, who sadly passed away some years ago; Easy Listening is a tongue-in-cheek dig at getting older.”  James laughs, “I guess the songs are really just all about what I see around me.”

We hope you enjoy it!